15 Awesome Key Holders Every Set Of Keys Deserve


If you're a forgetful type of person, the chances are you're one of the many out there that are constantly misplacing their keys. It can be frustrating and stressful having to search high and low for something that you actually can't leave the house with. This is why you need a key holder in your home! They're practical and decorative and there any many different designs to suit everyone's tastes. Check out our collection below, many of which are available to buy right here on Awesome Inventions. 


Buckle Up Key Holder

buckle up key holder

Find it here: Buckle Up Key Holder


Mini Garage Key Holder


Magnetic Cloud Key Holder


Find it here: Magnetic Cloud Key Holder


Lego Key Holder


Human Key Holders

human key holders

Find it here: Human Key Holders


Geeky USB Holder


'Honey I'm Home' Key Holder


Climber & Engineer Key Hangers


Giant Key Magnet


Find it here: Giant Key Magnet



His & Hers Key Holder


Birdhouse With Keyring Holder


Find it here: Birdhouse With Keyring Holder



The Magnetic Man Key Holder


Find them here: Magnetic Key Holders


Unplug Key Holder


Find it here: Unplug Key Holder


Antler Light Switch Key Holder


Birdhouse Key Holder