Kit Kat Minis Are Available And They’re Filled With Wafer And Fudge

There’s a cool new Kit Kat treat in town! In the past, we’ve enjoyed the chocolate wafer snack in two ice cream forms: Drumstick and by the pint. Both versions were delicious, however, these new Kit Kat Minis Fudge Wafer Bites make a strong case as our summer 2020 ice cream snack of choice. Honestly it’s shocking how it took Hershey’s this long to make ice cream in this form. Nevertheless, it’s a welcome addition to our sweet stash!

News about these bite-sized ice cream began spreading in late January. Instagram food sleuth @candyhunting was first to share images of the exciting new treat. And they described them as “frozen dairy dessert bars”. Which, is a fancier way of saying they’re basically ice cream bars. Their followers and the collective internet population have been drooling since.


Have a chill break with the Kit Kat Minis Fudge Wafer Bites

In a nutshell, these new mini ice cream bars consist of wafers dipped in fudge. Then, it’s layered with a vanilla ‘frozen dairy dessert’. Which means that you’ll be getting delicious treats in every bite: fudge, wafer and creamy vanilla ice cream! Talk about a triple treat!

On the other hand, @junkfoodmom expressed her confusion toward the offering’s vague packaging. “Strange how the description isn’t very clear. “Wafer with fudge” I guess is the chocolate coating with I’m guessing Kit Kat wafer pieces on top,” she wrote. Given the treat’s confusing packaging, we’re willing to wager that it’s in some sort of test phase, as it’s currently exclusively available at Kroger for $7.

Each box contains 12 mini-sized ice creams that weigh about 1oz apiece. The likelihood of us popping these mini ice cream bars one after the other is very high. And we will have no regrets. After all, calories don’t matter when you’re happy! Hopefully we see these ice cream bars in more retailers as summer approaches.