The ‘Predators Of The Heart Sanctuary’ Is An Island Full Of Friendly Wolves

There’s a wolves sanctuary that allows visitors to mingle with friendly wolves. No matter how we wish to keep furry wolves as pets, it’s just impossible to do that. Although they are closely related to dogs, wolves are naturally wild animals. To put it simply, their instincts make it impossible for them to live in human homes. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends with them. So if we can’t bring them home, we can pay them a visit in the wild instead.

That’s exactly the idea behind the sanctuary. This facility provides an appropriate environment for these wild canines while allowing people to visit and pet them. Now we can have the chance to cuddle and play with them within their natural home. The Predators of the Heart Sanctuary is 10-acre wildlife preserve located in the forest areas of Fidalgo Island about 60 miles north of Seattle and right next to Vancouver past the Canadian border.

This wolves sanctuary provides a natural habitat for wolves while allowing visitors to mingle with them

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The sanctuary has been operating since 1998 and has become the largest traveling exhibitor in the Northwest. It aims to preserve the natural habitat of not just wolves but other wild animals as well. The staff ensure that all wolves living inside the facility are given proper care and that they and the public are safe. Furthermore, these resident wolves have been trained to interact with humans since they were pups. So visitors can ensure their safety in the company of these friendly wolves.

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But before you rush to the site, take note that there are certain conditions that you need to meet before you can enter the sanctuary. First, you need to be 18 years old and above to get access to the Predators of the Heart Sanctuary. So this means that children can not visit the sanctuary, and there are no exceptions to this strict rule. Second, you can not bring pets of any kind. Remember that wolves are predatory carnivores that mostly survive on hunting prey. Although they are properly fed inside the facility, their natural instinct can still drive them to deem your cat or your bunny (and even dogs) as a potential prey.

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That’s not all. You also need to book a guided tour through Airbnb to get into the wait list. Of course, you can’t expect to just drop by and play with the wolves on your own. Visit their Airbnb page to select your preferred date. The sanctuary is open from Monday to Saturday with two available tour schedules in the morning (10am – 12pm) and noon (1pm – 3pm). You can take the tour as a group (up to 8 people per group). But you can also opt to book for a private group as long as the slot is open.

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friendly wolves sanctuary

With the supervision of the guides, visitors can get close to the friendly wolves and can even touch their soft fur. Visitors are allowed to bring their cameras to capture their incredible moments with the furry canines. Additionally, the tour also includes snacks and beverages to guests for free.


“Our purpose is to develop caring and concern for the animals. Our aim is to help open the eyes of their hearts to see that all nature is interconnected and realize that apart from it we cannot survive. We also serve as a sanctuary for animals that cannot be reintroduced to the wild and need a safe and healthy environment to live out the remainder of their lives.”, the non-profit organization wrote on their website.


And don’t forget that this wildlife preserve isn’t just a wolves sanctuary. But it’s also a home to other wild animals such as cougars, bobcats, birds, and many different species of small mammals and reptiles.


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Source: Predators of the Heart | Airbnb