Aldi Are Selling Caramel Apple Cremes Perfect For Fall

It seems like we’ll be hanging out at Aldi more often than we usually do. Well, that’s simply because the supermarket chain has all the seasonal snacks to make each season more festive. And if you’re craving fall-inspired treats then Aldi have Caramel Apple Cremes. That is because nothing screams fall like caramel apple desserts. Now it’s gotten more interesting because these yummy treats are now in a cookie form.

 Aldi’s Caramel Apple Cookies, from the company Benton’s, feature caramel apple-flavored crème in between two golden cookies. It may not give you the fruity juiciness that you can get from the real thing. But these will give you the mouthwatering combination of creamy crème and crunchy cookies to let you savor the flavor of this fall favorite.


Benton’s Caramel Apple Cremes

aldi apple caramel cremes cookies

The new Caramel Apple Cookies will be hitting Aldi stores on September 9th. But keep an eye on the snack aisle because Aldi tends to drop their offerings ahead of schedule. This seasonal snack comes in a 15.25-oz pack and will be available for a limited time only. Apparently, the supermarket chain has to make room for holiday-inspired snacks. And with that being said, we’ll keep you updated on the new surprises they have in store for us for the coming holiday.

caramel apples

Source: Aldi