Kid Refuses to Move His Legs on a Subway, So a Guy Sits on Them Instead

Welcome to the era of self-entitled millennials. Seriously, what have we done to our kids? This is actually not the first time we’ve seen kids behave as if they’re above their elders. Where did they get the notion that they can have their wrong ways and get away with their wrongdoings? Sure, we can’t touch them because they’re kids. And grown-ups should always give way to them just because they are kids. Well, arrogant kids should learn their manners before someone gives them a lesson they will never forget. For sure, you don’t want to end up just like this bratty kid on a subway.

Twitter user Isabel posted the photo of a kid on a subway with his legs occupying 3 seats. Oblivious to the standing passengers, this kid refuses to take his legs off the seat to make room for others. Instead, the boy took the pleasure of claiming the space as his personal couch. However, his comfy moment did not last long. One of the standing passengers wasn’t able to stand this kid’s self-serving behavior anymore. What he did next will make you applause. The man sits on the kid’s legs and calls the kid out for his arrogant behavior. This short video will show the heroic deed of this certain man.






You can just see the shock on the kid’s face. He probably didn’t expect that someone would burst his bubble. Despite his shock, the bratty kid has no choice but to move his legs before the man could smash them. The kid’s guardian seems to defend her kid but the man is having none of it. We’re lucky that the incident was fully captured and shared on social media. Now, the man has become an internet superstar and was tagged a ‘hero’ for standing up for what is right. This short video should serve as a lesson that arrogant kids have no place in the hearts of the people. As for that kid, he certainly learns his lesson the hard way.