This Wooden World Map Is A Stylish Addition To Any Room In The House

Express your love of travel with this wooden world map wall decor. Maps have always appealed to us visually and there’s something about them that inspires the imagination. Part of it is because it helps us understand the world we’re living in through charming illustrations. Now you can get the whole world on the wall of your living room, bedroom, or office with this rustic wall decoration that is sure to grab attention.

This breathtakingly large art installation features layered wood panels with precise laser engravings to create a 3D effect. With a multilayered representation of the world map, it allows you to explore the world in the comfort of your room. Designed after a regular map, the layered wood panels feature special relief with a thickness of around 0.47 inch to give the map a 3D look. This handcrafted wall decoration is made from birch plywood and is available in 4 different finishes including oak, walnut, terra and multicolor.


Wooden World Map Wall Decor

world map wall decor

The world map wall decor comes in sizes medium, large, XL and XXL. Medium size measures 39 inches x 24 inches, large size measures 59 inches x 35 inches, XL measures 79 inches x 47 inches and XXL measures 118 inches x 69 inches. So, make sure to measure your wall to get the proper size.

wooden map colors


world map wall decor details


flag push pins


world map wall decor installation

Apart from the size, you also need to specify your preferred map type by choosing one of the following options: blank, basic and prime. The blank type features the world map without any engraving. So, it doesn’t display the names of the countries and the borders. While the basic type features engraved names of each country as well as the borders and the capitals. It also includes the names of the states in the USA, Canada and Australia. Both the Blank and Basic types don’t include the Antarctica continent. If you want the southernmost continent included on your wall then you’ll need to select the Prime type.

world map wall decor types


wooden 3d map basic type


world map wall decor large

The world map wall decoration doesn’t come as a fully arranged piece. Instead, you’ll receive a complete kit containing separate wooden pieces. This also means that you’ll have to place and arrange the wooden panels on your wall. But don’t worry because it comes with detailed installation instructions along with a template to guide you through installation. All wooden panels have special double-sided adhesive tape to help you stick them onto the wall easily. So, there’s no need for any hardware or tools to install. Furthermore, each piece has a corresponding number to let you easily match them to the template on the instructions.

wooden 3d map basic multicolor


wooden world map wall decor


wooden 3d map

In addition to the color, size and type, you can also choose your preferred add-ons to help you customize your world map. Choose from either 287 flag pins or 45 plane pins. These push pins allow you to mark the places you’ve visited or those you’re planning to visit soon. And in addition to the wooden ‘country’ pieces, the set also includes wooden airplanes, boats and a compass to enhance your art installation even more. Stencils are also included to help you scale the map properly before adhering the wooden pieces on the surface. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This is absolutely gorgeous! It looks amazing on our wall and is exactly what I hoped it would be. It’s very sturdy and well-built. The wood is high quality.”

push pin options


plane push pins


wooden 3d map multicolor


world map wall decor prime type

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