Who Needs Rest Stops When You Have This Portable Toilet

One of the most frustrating things about getting stuck in traffic is the sudden urinary urgency. An empty water bottle can really come in handy during these times. But peeing directly into a water bottle can get a bit messy, and a little uncomfortable. Well, we’ve got the ultimate solution to this problem. Introducing the Car Pool, a portable toilet for men that allows you to go when you gotta go.

car pool portable toilet for men

The innovation started out as a project via Kickstarter in December 2017. Aiming to reach $5,000 goal before February 2018, the Car Pool is estimated to be rolled out in March 2018. Due to the product demand, the project gained $29,754 from almost 900 backers. Now, the innovative portable toilet is now available for purchase worldwide.

car pool flexible tube

The Car Pool comes in the form of an expandable tube. You can compress it down when not in use and expand it out when you use it. It also comes in an ergonomic design that is made entirely from flexible material. You can bend it into any position and it will stay in place. The mouth of the tube has a removable lid that you can screw on after use. And the tip of the tube is designed to fit into any type of beverage bottles. Plus, the tip forms a water tight seal to prevent messy spillage while in use.

The Car Pool in its compressed form

portable toilet for men car pool

This portable toilet can be extended out

car pool extended tube

Made with flexible materials that allows users to bend the tube in any position and steadily stays in place

car pool flexible toilet for men

The tip of the tube can fit into any type of beverage bottles

car pool portable toilet ergonomic design


You can buy the Car Pool portable toilet for men on its official online store. It is available in one-pack ($16.99), two-pack ($32), three-pack ($44), five-pack ($66), and ten-pack ($116). With this ergonomic portable toilet, you can comfortably let loose even when there are no rest rooms around.

Source: Kickstarter