You Can Now Get Peeps Cereal That Comes With Little Chick And Bunny Shaped Marshmallows

Kellog’s has brought back the Peeps cereal, after seeing its successful debut in the cereal aisle last year. In 2019, Kellog’s introduced this breakfast treat to the surprise and joy of cereal and marshmallow fans. However, there was something missing. For a cereal inspired by the iconic marshmallows, how could it not have colorful mallows in the mix? This concern definitely reached the ears of someone at Kellog’s corporate because they’ve finally decided to add the adorable marshmallows we know and love into the mix!

The 2019 version of the cereal consisted of blue, pink and yellow marshmallow-flavored rings coupled with white mini mallows. The absence of the brand’s iconic chick and bunny-shaped marshmallows definitely had people scraping the bottom of their bowls with conflicting feelings. But that’s all in the past now, because Kellog’s is finally delivering the cereal that we all deserve!

peeps cereal box


peeps cereal box side showcasing the marshmallows


The revamped Peeps cereal has miniaturized marshmallows in the shape of chicks and bunnies

For this year’s offering, Kellog’s shrank the iconic marshmallows we all know so well from the marshmallow brand. And they’ll be adorably swimming in your cereal bowl together with the other marshmallow-flavored cereal rings! Instagram sweet sleuth @candyhunting posted a photo of the cereal on the very last day of December 2019. When January 2020 rolled in, the limited edition breakfast treats hopped onto supermarket shelves. And people have certainly not been holding back. Everyone’s who’s managed to snag a box from their local cereal aisle is raving about these fun new breakfast treats.

Every family-sized 12.07oz box contains up to 9 servings. According to the description, the vibrant breakfast cereal also provides you with 8 essential vitamins and minerals every time you enjoy a bowlful. Aside from being a morning meal, Kellog’s suggests that you can also use the cereal as a topping for ice cream or as a base for a homemade snack mix. The upgraded, limited edition cereal remains widely available in leading supermarkets. You can get it for $3.64 at Walmart.


People are calling it their favorite cereal

Source: Walmart