14 Scary Things In Australia That Will Have You Packing Your Bags In A Hurry

It might seem like it’s pretty chilled down under, with all the surfing, barbecues and lounging on the beach, but secretly Australia has a whole other agenda. Underneath its relaxed exterior, Australia is actually trying to kill you. They have extreme weather, spiders as big as your head and other assorted dangers, this clearly wasn’t a country that was meant to be inhabited by humans.

The only small mercy is that it’s an island, so as long as we don’t go there, these horrors can’t get us. Please, don’t tell us that spiders can swim! Take a look!

First off, this exists, and it really shouldn’t. Even as a person who likes spiders, this is terrifying!

It’s not even safe to put on your shoes in Australia.

A nice boat ride can turn into this.

The unusual hazards on the golf course are the least of your worries.

Want to go for a swim? Nope!

The lightning looks like it could split the country in two!

Think koala bears are cute? Think again. Definitely trying to kill you!

It’s too hot to even stand up straight, let alone survive.

There are spiders that can take out snakes.

And birds.

And scorpions.

You can’t even make a break for it by air.

This might look like a nice place for a stroll. It’s not.

Even a sunny day at the beach can turn into a scary-looking storm!