Kellogg’s Reportedly Has A New Chocolate Eggo Cereal Coming Soon

How does having chocolate, waffle and cereal for breakfast sound? Dreamy and mouthwatering, right? Well, brace yourself because Kellogg’s is combining these three well-beloved treats into one with its new Chocolate Eggo Cereal! Thanks to these cereal brands, it’s now totally acceptable to have chocolate early in the morning!

Rumors about this new chocolatey cereal first circulated online when user @cerealsnob shared a leaked photo of its sample packaging. The photo featured a stack of cereal boxes with a “sample not intended for sale” disclaimer on them. According to the cereal connoisseur, he got the tip from someone claiming to work at Kellogg’s cereal factory. So, he reached out to the brand to confirm this information.


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BREAKING NEWS: I just got a tip from someone claiming to work at Kellogg's cereal factory saying that they ran a trial of Chocolate Eggo cereal last week. Interesting, no? You can clearly see written on the box "sample not intended for sale" and the box is a pretty small size at 8.8oz. I wonder if this will have any buttery or maple flavor too? ? Now just because this photo exists, doesn't mean this cereal will ever see the light of day. But I'll reach out to my Kellogg's contact and see if I can get any extra information on IF and WHEN we may ever see this cereal in out in the wild. How exciting right? Now if any of you people have cereal insider information please don't be scared to send it my way. I appreciate you all. ?? -Thomas #cereal #cerealleak #cerealnews #newcereal #eggocereal #insidertip #CHOCOLATE

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Obviously, his posts on Reddit and Instagram went viral instantly and garnered positive responses from other users. One user wrote, “I could definitely get behind this! I think a Maple note would be great for the chocolate.” Another wrote, “Would totally be buying these if they ever come out in every grocery store. I can’t live without chocolate.”


Kellogg’s is reportedly releasing a new Chocolate Eggo Cereal that will be hitting the shelves this December

A few days later, he got word from Kellogg’s that the leaked information about the new cereal variant is indeed true. It will come in 8.8-ounce boxes and will be available for purchase starting December. Apparently, the new chocolatey variant will still feature the usual waffle-like crisscross shape, as with the other existing variants.


Since it’s chocolate-flavored, we honestly couldn’t think of a reason for this variant to flop. After all, chocolate has a way of making almost everything better. Plus, just the thought of ending our bowl of cereal with a good gulp of chocolate milk is already enough to make us drool!


Unfortunately, we’re still four months away from getting our hands on this egg-citing treat. Luckily, we have other chocolatey cereal options to get us through this waiting period. There’s the Hershey’s Kisses Cereal for pure chocolatey goodness. Then, there’s also Dunkin’s Mocha Latte Cereal for chocolatey goodness with a subtle kick of caffeine. Patience is indeed a virtue!