Jubilee The Husky Was Rejected By A Breeder Because Of Her Looks But Now Has Become A Viral Sensation

Nearly all of us have a special place in our hearts for animals especially man’s best friend. Who could resist fluffy dogs, wagging tails and how excited they get when you walk in the room. However, we are sad to say that not all dogs get that unconditional love. Many have trouble finding their forever home even though they are cute with great personalities. One of those dogs is called Jubilee. She has one of the best personalities but because of her unusual looks she’s not a dog for everyone. But, there is some happy news!


Jubilee is a cross-eyed Husky and she was rejected by her breeder because of how she looks, since she has struggled to find a home

Jubilee the Husky

Despite that fact that she wasn’t successful in finding a loving home she is still a sweet dog. Caroline Hilliard who spent time with the dog for around two years when she worked in NC said that this cute husky is a very adoptable dog.

 “I loved her so much and wanted to adopt her, but was glad to hear that she was going to rescue. She was so shy but wanted to be loved. I hope she’s doing even better now. I’ll post some stuff I have of her, even though she was a lot skinnier (too skinny) back then.”


Jubilee lives in the Husky House and workers say she can be quite shy around people but she is very loving and has a huge heart. They also know how much she would love to have her own human to take care of her

Cute Husky

When people read about her story there were a lot of comments as about wanting to adopt her but there were not many official inquiries at the Husky House. Seems like one of the main reasons for this was due to location. People’s homes were too far away from the Husky House so a they could not arrange house visit. House visits ensure that dogs go to a loving home.

“We do require home visits (unfortunately, not by Skype because not everyone is honest), but we do have previous adopters in other areas, so you can always try. Sadly, we’ve also taken the chance in adopting out of state and the adoption didn’t work out. The person called and demanded we pick up the dog or they were dumping her in a local shelter. So we’ve been forced to make sure it’s a reasonable distance in case we have to get there in a hurry.”


There were some people who focused on her flaws but many wanted to adopt the husky. It’s so uplifting to know that people care about all dogs despite appearances

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