13 People Share Their Elegant Tattoo Designs That Capture The Beauty Of Flowers

Tattoos come in many different styles – from minimalistic to intricate designs. But it’s no secret that floral tattoos are still the most popular choice in body art. Delicate and colorful, flowers are normally associated with natural beauty and life. However, many people are also giving their own interpretations of what flowers symbolize. Hence, they represent a wide variety of meanings to everyone.

As they can symbolize almost anything, it’s no wonder that flowers are one of the favorite themes when it comes to tattoo design. Since tattoos are a form of self-expression, incorporating them allows anyone to represent their identity in a very artistic way. This explains why floral ink never goes out of style. Whether it’s rose, lily, cherry blossom, lotus, peony or sunflower, each one holds a deep symbolic meaning that relates to any individual.

Many tattoo artists are introducing their own signature flower designs. While some adhere to the traditional approach, there are also those who artistically add some contemporary twists to the conventional flower tattoos. Some tattoo artists create pieces with vibrant colors while others opt to go minimal by using only black ink. Furthermore, some modern tattoo artists are finding inspiration from other forms of art such as line drawings, watercolor painting and cross-stitch embroidery.

We would like to present 13 of the best tattoo artists in the world along with their stunning creations. If you’re considering getting a flower tattoo in the near future, you can get inspiration from these impressive examples.


 Zihee Tattoo

Seoul-based artist Zihee Tattoo creates floral body art with bright tones to bring out the natural bold colors of flowers. Inspired by watercolor paintings, she draws each element without using black outlines. As a result, the subject flawlessly blends with the skin while keeping the tattoo standing out against the skin.



Pis Saro

Just like Zihee Tattoo, Crimean artist Pis Saro is also inspired by the fanciful fluidity of watercolor paintings. The soft blends of vivid colors and the lack of black lines altogether create realistic flowers. But what makes Pis Saro unique is that her work coincides with the season. By watching real flowers grow, the artist is also able to capture every fractal detail of a particular flower.



Vlada Shevchenko

Flowers are made up of delicate colors, we give you that. But Kiev-based artist Vlada Shevchenko was able to capture the ethereal beauty of flowers by using only black ink. With the clever use of bold shading and well-defined outlines, each element features intricate details that perfectly harmonize with the otherwise strong design.



Eva Krbdk

Inspired by cross-stitch embroidery, Turkish tattoo artist Eva Krbdk draws small stitches to create grid-like patterns for her floral tattoos. Embroidery tattoos are currently making waves in the tattoo industry. But Eva Krbdk deliberately accentuates the ‘x’ shaped stitches to make the flowers appear that they are sewed into the skin rather than inked.



Mini Lau

There’s beauty in simplicity and Hong Kong-based artist Mini Lau is about to prove it. Depicting flowers as delicate and pretty, the artist uses pastel colors with candy-colored tones. Although each piece is small these dainty flower tattoos are simply stunning.



Aleksandra Katsan

Ukrainian artist Aleksandra Katsan finds inspiration for her works from watercolor paintings. Floral tattoos in vibrant tones are offset by splashes of color paints and ink splatters.



Linsday Asselstine

Known for her minimalistic flower tattoos, Toronto-based artist Lindsay Asselstine uses graceful, fine lines to create sketches on the skin. Each small piece features flowers and foliage in pencil-like drawings that are the ultimate dream of all minimalist fans out there.




Korean artist Hongdam is one of the many artists who are influenced by the watercolor trend in tattoo art. Blooming flowers in striking red shades and pink pastels mark his unique style to capture the delicate nature of flowers.



Jessica Svartvit

While most tattoo artists are incorporating watercolor painting styles into their work, German artist Jessica Svartvit has an entirely different take on flower tattoos. Inspired by mandala art, she uses geometric patterns to illustrate her floral motif. With nothing but black ink, she emphasizes the traditional symbolic art by meticulously creating thousands of intricate dots.




Korean artist Silo is also one of the many artists who are embracing the watercolor style in tattoo-making. Silo specializes in making dreamy illustrations of various flowers arranged in a bunch. The variety of flowers use different colors and forms. But, Silo’s delicate choice of palette balances out everything without overpowering the skin.



Alice Carrier

Is it possible for something to be bold and delicate at the same time? Oregonian artist Alice Carrier creates tattoos that illustrate delicate flowers in a bold design. Prominent dark colors and thick outlines make each piece seem like they come straight out of a botanical book cover.



Luqui of Five Cats Tattoo House

Luqui, one of the artists behind the Buenos Aires-based studio Five Cats Tattoo House, creates dream-like floral tattoos that look like pastel drawings. The clever combination of soft color and bright tones brings the floral pieces to life as they perfectly blend with the skin.



David Allen

Tattoo-making is actually more than just a form of body art. Chicago-based artist David Allen has given tattoos a new meaningful purpose. The genius artist inks beautiful floral illustrations to cover up scars of breast cancer survivors.