This Disney-Themed Dinnerware Set Has 4 Different Themes Inspired By A Disney Princess

Remember when you had to give up your favorite Cinderella plate because your Mom said you were too old for it? That must’ve hurt. Fortunately, now that we’re all grown up, we can buy whatever we want with our hard-earned money. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably realized the importance of good tableware. Also if you haven’t outgrown your love for whimsical merchandise, you’ll love the new Disney-themed dinnerware set just as much (or more than) I do!

This grand collection features 16 pieces, equally divided into four themes. Each set pays homage to a well-loved Disney Princess. This tableware collection is an absolute must-have if you’ve loved Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine and Belle all your life. Of course, Disney-themed kitchenware and tableware have always been available, but this set’s got to be the prettiest we’ve seen so far! (And that’s saying a lot, since Disney items are often too good to pass up!)

Disney-themed Dinnerware Set


disney princess-inspired dinnerware


This Disney-themed dinnerware set features designs inspired by four of the original Disney Princesses

As we’ve mentioned, the dinnerware collection’s has four design themes inspired by each Princess. For starters, the Cinderella set comes in a delicate pastel blue shade, just like her gorgeous ball gown. Ariel’s set comes in light aqua, like her enviable tail. Princess Jasmine’s set is lavender, like her iconic outfit and Belle’s set comes in gold, just like the gown she wore at the end of the story. Each corresponding plate features iconic elements, like the clock tower, the princesses’ castles and other significant imagery like seashells, the genie lamp and roses.

Disney-themed dinnerware set in a kitchen


dinnerware inspired by the little mermaid

Every set includes a 12oz mug, a bowl, a dinner plate and a dessert plate. It’s the perfect tableware for when you and your friends just want a magical get-together over dinner. Sadly, the set doesn’t come with a show from Lumiere or a single dinglehopper, so you’ll have to make your own magic.

This set’s guaranteed to wow anyone, even your Mom. (In fact she might be inclined to get her own…) It is important to note, however, that these magnificent plates, bowls, and mugs are delicate. You’ll have to channel your inner Cinderella and wash them by hand after every use, and also keep them away from the microwave.

cinderella dinnerware set


alladin-inspired dinnerware set


Modern day princesses are loving the gorgeous set

The set retails for $98.99 at Walmart, Target and Amazon. However, you may want to place it on your wishlist for now, because it’s all sold out! Our only hope is that the Fairy Godmother hears our desperate sobbing for now.