This 6-Person Folding Bench With Cooler Is Perfect For Camping

Take the whole gang on your next camping trip and relish your bonding time together on this 6-person folding bench. By now, you probably have plans of going on a camping trip once the winter season is over. And if you’re planning to have the merriest camping ever, we suggest bringing your best buddies with you for a fun time like no other. You know what they say, the more, the merrier. And that’s essentially true.

But if you intend to bring more people on your camping trip, you’ll need to make sure there’s room for everyone. A giant tent is a must if you want the whole gang to sleep under the same roof. Of course, a seating that can accommodate plenty of people at once should make the experience more enjoyable. And with that being said, you should really get this 6-person bench. So, you and your friends can all gather together, share a hearty laugh together and enjoy nature-watching together.


6-Person Folding Bench With Attached Cooler

6-person folding bench with cooler

This portable bench is made of durable polyester and powder-coated steel tube. The 10-feet long connected seats have a full backrest for comfort. It features a collapsible design making it easy to carry and transport anywhere. In the middle of the six connected seats is an attached cooler that can hold up to 40 12-oz cans. Just fill the cooler with ice and chill your favorite drinks in it. So, you and your friends can have your drinks at hand. The cooler has a drainage plug that you can unscrew to slowly drain water after use.

6-seater cooler


6-seater attached cooler



collapsible 6-person folding bench


6-seater with cooler

You can also opt for a straight bench without the cooler. The straight version is available in 3 different color options including black, blue and red. All versions come in a durable polyester carry bag. Not just for camping, this collapsible 6-seater is also great for sports games, tailgating or a relaxing day at the beach.

6-person folding bench


6-person folding bench blue



“This has been a great purchase. The seats are sturdy and the cooler is perfect for the ice and water. Perfect for the sports family.”, one satisfied buyer wrote. “This is used for our U8 team and it works fine. Easy to set up and not too bulky or heavy to carry around.”, another buyer wrote.

6-person folding bench red


collapsible 6-seater carry bag


portable 6-seater carry bag

Get the 6-seater with cooler here and without the cooler here.

Source: Amazon | Walmart