Add A Bit Of Disney Magic To Your Garden With These Mickey And Minnie Pathway Lights

Make your Yuletide season jolly and bright by adorning your yard with these Mickey and Minnie pathway lights. If you want to have the merriest Christmas this year then Disney is sure to make that happen. Disney surely has created a lot of adorable and lovable characters. But none of them comes close to the charm of the company mascot himself and his equally-adorable sweetheart.

This Christmas, Disney lends you the cuteness of its standard-bearers – Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse – to light up your walkways, garden, or front porch. This outdoor lighting not only makes it easier to navigate around your homes after dark. But it also adds a festive touch to your outdoor space to get your home ready for the holiday. This set consists of 4 pathway lights featuring alternating cutouts of our most favorite mouse characters in their cute ‘snowman’ versions.


Mickey And Minnie Pathway Lights

mickey and minnie pathway lights christmas

The Mickey and Minnie pathway lights will transform your space into a dazzling wonderland with its color-changing technology that beautifully transitions from one color to the next. Each figural light comes with a yard stake. All 4 stakes are connected by a cord for a lighted length of 6 feet. You can connect up to 18 sets end to end if you need to extend the lighted length. Line these illuminated markers up your walkways and landscape borders. Then plug it in to light up your outdoor space and boost the holiday spirit.

mickey and minnie pathway lights


disney color-changing led markers stakes


Source: Lowe’s