Angry Orchard Have Peach Mango And Strawberry Flavored Cider

When it comes to hard cider brands, Angry Orchard is definitely a popular choice. Although most apple-based beverages are available all year round, it’s certainly most fitting to enjoy them during the fall. Now, the brand is venturing into full-flavored fruit ciders. So, this finally gives us a valid excuse to indulge in this refreshing sip even during the warmer months.

The leading cider maker recently announced the launch of its new line of hard fruit ciders. Consisting of two flavors—Peach Mango and Strawberry, the new selection features a perfect blend of these fruits and bittersweet apples. The result is a naturally sweet cider that’s bursting with a bold fruity flavor.

angry orchard hard fruit cider peach mango and strawberry
Angry Orchard


“Using a complex blend of traditional cider making apples as our foundation, we’ve found the addition of vibrant fruits like peaches and mangos can bring some subtle tart notes into the fold for a bright, really flavorful and easy to drink cider. It’s a careful mix that allows all of the fruit in our new styles of cider to shine.”—Ryan Burk, Head Cider Maker at Angry Orchard


The new line of hard fruit ciders are perfect for the fall season and beyond

angry orchard hard fruit cider peach mango and strawberry six packs
Angry Orchard

Indeed, the brand’s commitment to innovation is a major factor that prompted it to expand its product portfolio. Aside from that, the growing demand for fruit ciders was an important consideration too.


“A direct response to drinker’s desire for variety and full-flavored options that are made with real ingredients, Angry Orchard’s new fruit ciders pack a punch—bringing that refreshing, natural sweetness our cider drinkers know and love, now paired with vibrant fruits for a bigger, bolder taste.”—Lesya Lysyj, CMO of The Boston Beer Company

peach mango flavored hard fruit cider
Angry Orchard

The new hard fruit cider variants are now available in grocery stores nationwide. They come in single-serve 16oz and 24oz cans as well as six-pack 12oz cans. In addition to launching a new product line, the brand is also introducing new packaging across all products. With enhanced graphics and a more vibrant color profile, the improved packaging aims to offer stronger brand visibility in stores. Be sure to take note of the drinks’ new look, so you wouldn’t miss them in stores!


Source: Angry Orchard Website | Facebook | Instagram