Lucky Discoveries That Made Ordinary People Incredibly Rich

The world is full of hidden treasures. As a matter of fact, there are treasure hunters who spend their whole lives just to find treasures. But sometimes all it takes is a bit of luck to stumble upon rare finds.  Believe it or not, some ordinary people are just too fortunate to find precious items by mere accident. Moreover, these accidental discoveries are worth an entire fortune that can turn anyone’s life around. Here are 8 lucky discoveries showing that anyone can find treasures in the most unexpected places.



Original Superman comic book found in the attic.


A couple in the US was taking out some old boxes from the attic as they prepare their house to be taken over by the bank. The couple has taken out a mortgage and was about to lose their house when a miracle happened. They found one rare find in one of the boxes in the attic. There they discovered a copy of of Action Comics No. 1 dated 1938. Only 99 of this copy are known to exist which was sold for $1.5 million each. For this discovery, we can say that a comic book has saved a couple from losing their home.


The largest opal matrix in the world found in an opal field.


Stuart Hughes of Liverpool and his associates discovered an incredible stone having 55,000 carats (25 lb) of pure opal. It was the world’s largest opal matrix ever discovered with an estimated value of $1 million.


Who the $&% Is Jackson Pollock?


Teri Horton, a 73-year-old former long haul truck driver from California bought a an abstract painting from a thrift shop for $5. The painting was supposed to be a gift for a depressed friend. But when the painting was too large to fit into her friend’s trailer, she decided to put it at a yard sale. A local art teacher recognized the painting style of Jackson Pollock and asked Horton about it where she replied “Who the f**k Is Jackson Pollock?” Controversy around the authenticity of the painting didn’t stop collectors from bidding. But Horton declined their offers, claiming to only sell it for more than $50 million.


Declaration of Independence bought from a flea market.


In 1989, one lucky collector bought a mediocre painting at a flea market in Pennsylvania for $4 because he liked the frame. When he tried to remove the painting, things inside fell apart. There he found an old document between the canvass and the frame wood. Later did he find out that he has the first printing of the Declaration of Independence in his possession. It was valued at $800,000 to $1 million.


15th century gold pendant buried in a field.


A housewife in Hertfordshire finds a 15th century treasure with a metal detector while walking on a field with her son. There she found a gold pendant buried 4 inches below the ground. The treasure with a carving of crucifixion of Jesus is believed to be a part of a reliquary depicting the Holy Trinity. The treasure has an estimated value of more than £250,000.


Vintage baseball card discovered in an odd lot.


In 2009, an antique dealer in California found a card in an odd lot. The 72-year-old dealer did not know that what she found was a 1869 baseball card. It was actually one of the first baseball cards ever made. Unaware of its real worth, she initially listed the card on Ebay for $10. But she withdrew it after bidders showed surprising interest. She later sold it for $75,000.


2,000 years old butter found in a bog.


In June 2016, a turf cutter unearthed a 22-lbs lump of butter from an Irish bog. It was estimated to have been buried for 2,000 years. Back in those days, butter was  a luxury food in Ireland. It was also used as offerings to the gods, which explains why it was buried. Due to the bog’s low oxygen and high acidic environment, the lump of butter was perfectly preserved for years. Archaeologists say that the 2,000 years old butter is still edible, but they wouldn’t advise it.

Ferrari buried in a backyard.


In 1978, two boys were exploring the backyard of their new home and started digging holes. They suddenly noticed something hard buried deep in the ground. As they dug deeper, the boys were astonished to find a car buried beneath the ground. When they showed their discovery to their parents, they immediately called the police to confirm what they found. The police arrived with excavators. As they brought up the car covered with dirt and grass, they noticed that it was a brand new 1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS. Upon further investigation, it was found out that the owners of the buried car have reported that it was stolen from them 4 years ago. However, the owners were nowhere to be found after they received the insurance money. The insurance company had no choice but to sell the car to the highest bidder.


The man who bought the car still drives it today. But an investigation in 2012 revealed something more shocking about the real story behind this discovery. It was found out that the owners themselves hid the car in an empty swimming pool to get the insurance money. But the owners seem to disappear after they got the money. And the car stayed there until it was discovered 4 years later.


Sometimes, it’s just a matter of luck and chance to stumble upon lucky discoveries that can make anyone fabulously rich.