Dippin’ Dots’ Cookies ‘N Cream Snack Balls Are A Crunchy And Sweet Treat

Did you ever think you’d see the day Dippin’ Dots would hit the non-refrigerated snack aisle? Well today’s your lucky day, because Herr’s has partnered with America’s favorite beaded ice cream brand to give us the Cookies ‘N Cream Snack Balls! Yes, that’s right. After offering us sweet and crunchy Cotton Candy Balls, the wacky snack brand has raised the bar yet again with this unexpected collaboration. This limited edition snack was announced a few days ago on Herr’s Instagram page. And according to them, this new offering is “a cool twist on your favorite sweet treat – no spoon needed!” – and they couldn’t be more right.

This new offering certainly has us wondering what the frozen treat would taste like in non-ice cream form. Especially since Herr’s corn snack balls are coated with cookies and cream, which is one of America’s favorite flavors! See, even though the ice cream brand name is on the label, it’s not exactly tiny ice cream balls you’ll find in the bag. Instead, you’ll get gluten-free corn ball snacks coated in white cream and chocolatey cookie crumbles. This should be an interesting snacking experience for sure.






Herr’s and Dippin’ Dots have created the Cookies ‘N Cream Snack Balls to satisfy your sweet tooth and munchy needs

There’s only one thing we can say after discovering this new snack option. Herr’s is on a mission of pushing the limits of snack treats by introducing unorthodox combinations. Herr’s has released cotton candy, s’mores, orange cream pop, and even pumpkin-flavored corn snacks! Is Willy Wonka secretly working at Herr’s? But we’ll talk about those other flavors another time. The brand hasn’t released further information about this offering yet. Despite this, several Instagram snack sleuths have begun sharing the crunchy news, like @candyhunting and @snackbetch.



And in case you’re curious, the Cookies ‘N Cream Snack Balls are now available in stores and online. Instagram snack connoisseur @frontpagefoodfinds posted that their sister found them at Gerrity’s in Pennsylvania for under $2.99 apiece. You can also get a dozen 5-ounce bags of the snack for $35.88 at Herr’s online.


Check out Herr’s announcement below