People Who Have Gay Spouses Open Up About Their Experiences

What would you do if you found out that your spouse is gay? A lot of the time, spouses are the last to know about their partner’s hidden secret. It’s hard to know how you would react until you actually face this situation. Here we have a list of people who have gay spouses opening up about their experiences. Take a look… 

The beginning of a marital breakdown.

The beauty and ease of accepting things as they are.

A real life drama.

Time to move on.

Things don’t always go as planned.

The problem with arranged marriage.

The ultimate purpose of marriage is love and not procreation.

Love conquers all.

This is just awful!

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This is sad.

It takes time.

Out from the cold.

It must not feel nice knowing this. 

That explains it all.

The many faces of love.

Pulling off the sweetest revenge.

Lack of intimacy can lead to an unhealthy relationship.

I’m keeping my baby.

We’d be interested to know how these guys make it work. A bit awkward seems like an understatement?