This Giant Inflatable Red Truck Comes Complete With A Cooler Under The Hood

How does tailgating on water sound for your next summer getaway? Get ready to have the best summer of your life with this inflatable red truck. Can we just all agree that amphibious cars are the coolest? We’ve seen James Bond and the Kingsman drive a futuristic car that converts into an underwater vehicle. It would be nice to have one too, right? Well, this giant float is just a floatie and isn’t actually a functioning automobile. But hey, it’s the closest thing we have to the real thing.

This inflatable will give you the perfect lounging experience of comfort and utility on the water. It features a massive pickup truck design complete with a spacious truck bed, a cab and a hood. The truck bed serves as the float’s lounging area that can comfortably accommodate two adults or three children. For added comfort, the truck sports dual armrests and the cab serves as a soft backrest. So you can stay comfy for hours as you let the giant float give you a gentle drift.

giant vehicle float

Additionally, the hood of the truck hides a wide compartment that doubles as a large cooler. Just fill the compartment with ice cubes and let your favorite drinks stay cool. Simply open the hood and grab some drinks whenever you need to refresh. And you don’t need to bother holding your drinks because there are two cup holders on each armrest to hold the beverage for you. Plus, it has two heavy-duty handles at back of the truck bed for easy pull-up from the water and for easy haul. What more could you ask for?

inflatable red truck


giant vehicle float hood cooler


inflatable red truck with cooler under the hood


giant vehicle float hood cup holder


giant vehicle float hood handle


giant vehicle float hood tether

This inflatable red truck will surely turn heads with its fun design showing great attention to detail. It comes complete with four wheels, headlights, a grill and bumpers. Moreover, the cab also features a front windshield with wipers, two side windows and a rear window. But take note that these details are decorative features only and they don’t actually work. When fully inflated, the giant float measures 107.5 x 57.5 x 34.6 inches and can support up to 250 pounds of weight.

inflatable red truck float


inflatable red truck box

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Source: Amazon