Inventor Matt Benedetto Has Created ‘Gummy Human Centipedes’ – A Sweet Treat For Horror Fans

Unnecessary Inventions is going at it again! Matt Benedetto, the witty mind behind the comical design studio brings forth his Halloween offering – the Gummy Human Centipede. Sweet treats and sugary goodies are, without a doubt, the greatest crave for trick-or-treaters. Matt won’t let the spooky season slide without a ridiculous Halloween-themed invention. You might be thinking of the macabre stuff, and you’re absolutely right. This time, Unnecessary Inventions have actually created something edible and the candy is a treat for horror movie fans!


unnecessary inventions gummy human centipede


The Vermont-based design studio recently introduced the Halloween candy. These chewy treats are basically gummies in the shape of a human centipede. If you’re wondering what this looks like, there’s no need to watch the disturbing movie. You only need to look closely at these gummy candies to see what we’re getting at.


halloween treats gummy human centipede


halloween themed gummy human centipede


unnecessary inventions halloween


If you’re getting bored with bears and worms then this candy might be for you. That is, if you don’t mind chomping on human figures joined together from mouth to butt. These disturbing gummies certainly make a perfect addition to Halloween candy bowls and for trick-or-treat giveaways. Imagine serving these at a Halloween party? It would be a candy treat that guests will never forget!

Just like all Unnecessary Inventions creations, these gummy treats are only a spoof concept so don’t take them seriously. Well, if you think the idea is clever then you can be creative and make this candy yourself.

Check out the video below to see how to make the gummy human centipede candy

Source: Unnecessary Inventions