This Is The New York Private Club For Dogs… And Their Humans


Private clubs are usually the domain of the old and rich or the young and trendy, but this is a New York members club with a difference…it's for dogs! The Ruff Club is located in a century-old Manhattan tavern, and is the place to be seen for every dog worth their kibble. The idea is that dogs get to have fun and socialize with their canine pals, while their humans get to have a cup of coffee in a dog-friendly environment, or meet other dog-owners. There are only a few rules…The first rule of Ruff Club is you don't talk about Ruff Club. Wait… wrong club! At Ruff Club, all dogs have to bring a human, no humans can come in without a dog, and only pups who won't pick a fight with their fellow canines are allowed. Let's take a look around!

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This looks like our kind of members club! 

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