Hilarious Pictures Of Animals Being Total Jerks

Many people would say they love their pets as a part of the family. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that animals will annoy their owners in the same ways that their human relatives do. Well, not exactly the same ways! Unless of course your siblings poop in your helmet or your mom drops a chewed up tennis ball into your wine. Here we have some hilarious pictures of animals being total jerks. Take a look and see if you recognize something your own pets would do! 

When it’s baking hot but your cat decides that the fan needs to be unplugged at all times. 

This cat clearly isn’t waste conscious. 

‘Right, now where do I put the stamp? It’s time to say goodbye’. 

Straight in the eye! Ouch! 

This bird was not destined to be kept in a cage… 

Animals Being Total Jerks bird in cage


It doesn’t look so bad at first, but then… 

This dog is willing to drown a family member to chill on the pool lounger. 

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That looks like a nice, cozy spot by the heat! Oh wait… 

The look of pure shame and guilt! 

Wow. That is a rather mighty collection! 

This mischievous canine opened a window during a car wash! 

This is one mystery that isn’t too hard to solve!

One shredded shower curtain coming right up! 

Of all of the places to dump a dirty tennis ball, this was the chosen spot. We bet the wine owner was absolutely delighted!