Shocking Secrets Kids Have Kept From Their Parents


Relationships should be built on trust and honesty. If you want to have a functional family, then open and honest communication should be key. However, the fact of the matter is that most families aren’t functional. At all. Every parent messes their kid up in some way or another, if only minor, and that’s okay because nobody is the perfect mom or dad. That said, it is surprising how many things most kids (whether young or grown up) keep from their parents because they’re scared of how they’ll react. Check out these thirteen shocking secrets kids have kept from their parents.



Everyone should be allowed to make their own choices about religion.


It can be harmful to put too much pressure on your children.


In this day and age, you shouldn’t have to keep your tattoos from your parents.


We hope this person can tell their parents and get any help they might need.


It can be hard to admit when you’re struggling financially.


We guess parents don’t necessarily need to know everything about your life.


It can be hard for people who haven’t experienced anxiety to understand what it feels like.


Would you tell your parents you’re a party animal?


Parents should try to keep their fights away from their kids.


That’s a big secret to keep from your loved ones.


That’s really not a good selection criteria.


Parents shouldn’t criticize their kids so harshly. If they do have concerns, they should be constructive, not mean.


It’s tough to feel alone.

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