Here Are 14 Pictures Showing Why Snow Will Never Get Us Down

Depending on where you live, snow can be a big part of your life during the winter months. Sure, it looks pretty when it first falls, but after a few snow angels and snowball fights, it gets old quickly. Snow’s always stopping us getting to work or school on time, making us cold, and even making us slip over and fall on our butts! But there are some times when humans triumph over snow in a big way. Let’s look at these 14 times when snow lost and we won. In your face, snow!

This snow angel maker who ignored the sign but lived to rebel another day.

This might be the grossest way to propose to someone, but we salute his accuracy.

This snow that neatly rolled itself off the windshield. 

Power lines might be down, cars might have crashed, planes might be grounded… but check out the man with an umbrella riding a unicycle.

No, snow. Canadian trains won’t stop because of you.

What do you do when you’ve got a good 6 feet of snow? Why, make an epic snow maze, of course!

These stick figures are hilariously accurate.

The snow bass guitar is awesome.

These folks might be snowed in, but they have cold beer!

Two feet of snow…

This guy put his face in a pile of snow and took a picture, but the lighting makes it appear as if a face is coming out of the snow. Cool!

When something simple cheers you up, despite having to come out and clean the snow off your car.

That awesome feeling you get when you listen to the radio and a snow day is announced!

Every year, as the snow melts in the mountains above this town, the figure of a man appears.

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