Inflatable Air Mattress For Trucks Allows You To Sleep While Travelling

Anyone who has tried sleeping in the back of a pickup truck only has one thing to say – it is extremely uncomfortable. But thanks to this truck bed air mattress, you can now literally transform the bed of the truck into a comfortable sleep area. But how is this different from the regular mattresses? The AirBedz has a padded section that covers and fits around the wheel wells of your pickup truck. Needless to say, this air mattress is specifically designed with pickup trucks in mind.

airbedz truck bed air mattress pickup truck

What’s more, this inflatable truck bed air mattress has a built-in rechargeable pump that inflates and deflates the mattress at the flip of a switch. Thus, it conveniently saves you the labor of manual pumping. It comes with an AC home charger to charge the integrated battery that powers the pump. Inflating and deflating an air mattress has never been this easy before. Plus, its newly designed valve covers ensure consistent firmness throughout the night. That’s not all. Its integrated air coil system evenly distributes weight over the 12 inches thick mattress to provide everyone a comfortable sleep.

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airbedz truck bed air mattress


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Bu can it handle the most extreme trips? No worries. It is made of re-engineered fabric using heavy duty construction to make sure that this truck bed air mattress is puncture-resistant. No matter how extreme you go on your trip, it can surely withstand any physical impact. You can get the AirBedz air mattress here and choose from five different sizes to fit the bed size of your off-road vehicle. Is your truck bed too short for you? Don’t worry. The AirBedz has a tailgate extension which allows you to stretch out and find your most comfortable sleeping position.

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Additionally, this truck bed air mattress comes with a convenient carrying bag with a reliable shoulder strap for easy storage and transport. Wherever your pickup truck may take you, getting a good night sleep is now possible with the AirBedz. And yes, you can also use it as an indoor sleeping pad and for camping too. So, get yours now.

Learn more about the AirBedz air mattress on the video below