See How One Guy Makes The Most Of His Guest Room

Anyone who has a spare bedroom in their home has probably faced this dilemma. It’s great to have a guest room so that friends and family can stay with you, but it would be nice to be able to use it more often, for instance, as a home office. So, what to do? Should you turn your bedroom into a functional room for day to day use? Or should you keep it as a spare bedroom, only to be used occasionally when guests come to stay? This handy guy decided to have the best of both worlds and made something extremely awesome and totally functional. Let’s have a look at what he did!

This is the guest room before the platform was added. It would be a shame to waste that mattress, so let’s see where it could go.


The first step was to build a frame over part of the guest room floor.


Then the frame needed reinforcing with extra pieces of wood.transform-spare-bedroom

Once all the siding is put on the frame, you can see that it’s going to be a platform of some sort. That’s an awfully big drawer, what do you think it will hold?

After receiving a lick of paint, the platform is starting to look awesome.paint-frame-office-bedroom

Why, in the drawer under the platform, of course!instal-matress-bedroom

So, by day the room can be used as a ordinary home office.elevated-office-area

But if any guests come to stay, there’s a comfy bed tucked away for them.concealed-bed

This is an ingenious idea and such a great use of space!