Instead Of Sucking Loads Of Air In, This Kirby Fan Blows Tons Of Air Out To Keep You Cool

All Nintendo geeks will surely love to have this adorable Kirby fan. If you were fascinated by the Super Mario Piranha Plant Slippers then you’ll certainly want to add this cute-looking mini fan into your wishlist. Just like Super Mario, the adorable pink alien Kirby has also made our childhood more fun and exciting. Even now, Kirby still belongs to the list of the most popular video game characters of all time. Not to mention, the cutest video game protagonist ever created. Now you can take this cuteness to your desktop and table. Let Kirby cool you off as this super cute mini fan blows refreshing air your way.

usb powered kirby fan mini

Manufactured by SK Japan, this adorable Kirby fan is available here. This USB-powered fan is only 6.3 inches tall with its wide open mouth measuring 4.1 inches diameter. It is made of ABS plastic which offers high tensile strength and is resistant to chemical corrosion and physical impacts. The Kirby fan comes with a USB cord so you can connect it directly to your desktop computer, laptop, USB hub, or a wall adapter. Take note that the blades don’t have a front guard so you may want to keep it away from children’s reach when in use.

usb powered kirby fan open face design


usb powered kirby fan side


usb powered kirby fan back


usb powered kirby fan power button


otaku mode kirby fan usb cord


otaku mode usb kirby fan

Kirby loves to inhale enemies and objects into his mouth. But this lovable Kirby fan will blow cool air for a change. Simply press the power button at the back of the fan to turn it on and off. It doesn’t just cool you down but it can also serve as a charming ornament to your workspace. Whether you’re a video game enthusiast or just simply looking for a cute item to add into your collection, this pink mini fan will never fail you.

Get yours here. This is also a perfect gift for your friends who also love Kirby.