Birth Moms Share Their Experiences With Open Adoption

Adoption can be a wonderful thing. It gives many children the chance for a better life, and many adults the chance to be parents who maybe wouldn’t have been otherwise. Some people go down the route of closed adoption, but today we’re going to share a range of people’s experiences with open adoption. Unfortunately, not every situation has a happy ending. But, overall we still feel that adoption provides amazing opportunities for babies, children, teenagers and adults. Take a look!
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That’s a pretty cool name! 

Adoption is perfect for some people. 

Giving up your child to give them a better quality of life is admirable in our opinion. 

It sounds like this situation suits everyone involved! 

Breaking a promise like this is inexcusable. 

This is where things can get complicated. 

Anyone who would have that opinion of you is ridiculous and narrow minded! 

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Betraying someone who is giving you their child is just awful. 

For some people, open adoption ends up being very hard to cope with. 

This is lovely. 

Regret can eat you up. We’re glad this person is happy with their life. 

We respect this. Children need answers for closure sometimes. 

You can’t always know how you’re going to feel once you actually go through with something. 

This is sad and awful to read, however, it would not be fair to take the daughter away from her adoptive parents in our opinion. She has already grown to love them as her mom and dad.