15 Incredible Facts About The Human Body That You Probably Didn’t Know

The human body really is the most amazing piece of machinery! Weird and wonderful, the body’s inner workings are largely a mystery to the great majority of us. It is constantly performing multiple functions, our bodies carry on working without us even being aware of everything going on in the background. Medical professionals and academics have spent countless hours researching the complex ways of the human body! Here’s 15 interesting facts you probably didn’t know! Take a look!

Interesting Facts About The Human Body

Apparently there are certain indicators that correlate to intelligence. Here we have a list of qualities that if matched, suggest that are above average when it comes to the smart scale!

smarter than the average person

Today’s technology will never cease to amaze us. How incredible is it that a machine can keep a human heart functioning like this? It’s just amazing.

the organ care system

For those looking to make the most of their alcohol, here’s a neat tip. This is particularly handy for those who are on a budget but are still looking for that buzz!

mixing alcohol with diet soda incredible facts

Many people would find this easy to believe. Anyone who has experienced that pain of a broken heart would say it can hurt more than a physical injury. It’s good to know that we weren’t being over dramatic.

feeling rejected is not much different from actual pain

We already suspected this. You can always smell a scent when entering someone else’s home, but when it’s your own, not so much.

you cant usually smell your own house

We feel like this could easily be true but the lack of explanation is annoying! How? Why? People need to know and understand the risks…

you can die from pooping too hard

Interesting! It seems there’s more to cravings than we may have initially thought! The mind and body really are complex systems.

you eat more sweets when you're sad

We love this. It’s like the donor is living on through their donation in more ways than one! This must provide some comfort and joy to the family and loved ones of each donor.

transplant patients experiencing the same thoughts and feelings as their organ donors

We all know that too much stress isn’t good for us. However, some of us never really realized the extent of just how bad it can be. Therefore, learning how to de-stress is extremely important.

stress kills your brain

We love this guy’s confidence! It may not have been the safest or most sensible idea but he was devoted to proving his point without harming anyone else. His risk paid off and we bet he was super pleased!

dr barry j marshall drank bacteria to prove stomach ulcers theory

We don’t really want to think about how this was discovered, but if it was helpful to soldiers then we’ll call it a happy accident? It’s a shame that people mocked this guy, however, we don’t know how practical his discovery really was in the long run.

semen doubles as invisible ink

Another fantastic addition to our list of incredible facts! It’s pretty impressive how our bodies do things for us that we never even realize.

youre completely blind for 40 minutes a day

Interesting! Once again, the brain and its capabilities leave us amazed.

the discovery of fire may have sparked the evolution of the human brain

This is actually super helpful to know! Most of us don’t know how to analyze our bowel habits which means it can be hard to change them!

small nut shaped nugget poops mean your body needs fiber and more water

This is pretty mind blowing if you ask us! It really is crazy to think of all of the things going on inside our bodies.

a red blood cell can circulate your entire body in 20 seconds

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