Bizarre Clothing Items That Raise Many Questions

We understand that people all over the world have different tastes and it’s great that designers also cater to a niche audience as well as the majority. However, there are some truly bizarre clothing items that just leave you wondering. Fashion trends are forever changing and sometimes we end up liking things we never thought we would, but, below we have some items of clothing that raise many questions. Take a look and see for yourself! 

It appears whoever designed these shoes clearly had a love for rugs…

We honestly can’t imagine anyone wearing this denim mess, but we’re probably wrong! 

‘My girlfriend said if I could find shoes uglier than my Crocs, she would stop poking fun at them…’

For when you need a helping hand? 

We can’t imagine that these cut out jeans would be very flattering on most of the population! 

An accident or ‘fashion’? We have a feeling it’s the latter…

This jumper design doesn’t look so great when worn around the waist! 

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This just makes us feel strange. Looking at it for too long makes you feel weird. 

Aww, a cute Christmas hat! But, wait, what are the reindeer doing?

These ill fitting fish net ‘boots’ get a huge no from us. 

We would never wear something like this, but we think it’s pretty clever! 

We wonder how effective this shirt with a built in fan is at keeping you cool? We’d love one! 

We’re not sure what’s worse! The puffy wrists or the horrendous jeans?!

Some things are just not designed with beauty in mind…