40 Hilarious Puns People Saw And Just Had To Share Them

These days, it seems like a big part of the online world revolves just around funny memes and hilarious puns. Don’t get us wrong though, we have absolutely nothing against it. Everyone wants and deserves a good laugh once in a while. However, we also can’t deny the fact that puns, much like any other jokes, might not be for everyone

Well, after all, comedy is a form of art. And just like any other art forms, not everyone might understand them in an instant. Some might find them lame, while some might not get them at all. Nevertheless, even if you’re not into puns, we bet there’s one out there that’s going to catch your attention eventually. Who knows? It might even be so bad that you would actually find it to be so good.


Being able to appreciate puns is actually a gift



Contrary to popular belief, being able to appreciate these witty wordplays is not a sign of shallowness. As a matter of fact, it’s a gift. Studies show that it’s an indicator of higher-than-average mental agility. Plus, you’ve also probably heard that a good sense of humor can actually be linked to intelligence. Apparently, it’s true. Researchers argue that it does require cognitive and emotional ability to be able to process and produce humor. 




Regardless of that, it’s just impossible not to recognize and react to a pun when you encounter one. In fact, Reddit users have even created various subreddits dedicated to their love of puns. And in this article, we’ll feature 40 of the best posts that people shared on /r/puns and /r/PunPatrol.



While some might appear to be subtle sarcasm, there are also others that are purely innocent responses. Likewise, there also those that are undeniably as bad as the jokes that your dad tells you. Nonetheless, we can all agree that they’re equally entertaining and hilarious.




So, even for a short while, just take a break and appreciate all these groan-worthy wordplays.


We guarantee these hilarious puns will have you laughing your hearts out at the end of this post