Stray Dog Constantly Visits Hyundai Dealership So They Hired Him And Gave Him His Own Badge

Whenever things don’t go our way, it’s just so easy to think of giving up. Often, we also fail to recognize that even a little persistence can go a long way. So, perhaps we could learn a lesson or two about the importance of determination from this adorable stray dog. Meet Tucson Prime, the newest and cutest “car consultant” at a Hyundai dealership in Brazil.

Named after the car manufacturer’s compact SUV, Tucson is indeed proof that one should never underestimate the power of showing up. Because by simply doing so, this determined doggo managed to get himself adopted and even hired. What’s more, he’s now an internet star with over 135K followers on Instagram!


Earlier this year, dealership manager Emerson Mariano spotted Tucson hanging around their office one rainy night. Seeing the condition of the poor dog at that time, he decided to feed him and offer him a temporary refuge. It didn’t take long before all the other staff grew fond of the dog.


Meet Tucson Prime, a stray dog turned into a pawfessional car consultant from Brazil


Apparently, the feeling was mutual. Tucson also wanted to stick around with them for good. So, they decided to keep him permanently and even named him after one of the brand’s bestselling models. As it turns out, Tucson has also got some amazing customer service skills which earned him a promotion in no time.



According to Mariano, Tucson’s presence at their store has generated positive feedback from clients. In fact, some of them even return, not for after-sales concerns but to drop off some gifts for the dog! At the same time, the dog’s “very caring and docile nature” has also helped improve their store’s overall environment.


“The company has always been pet friendly, so now, we decided to embrace this idea in practice too, having our own pet precisely at a more complicated time like this with so many abandoned animals.”



Upon adoption, the staff took Tucson to the vet to get all the necessary vaccinations. Now, he has not only become a pawfessional car consultant, but he’s set to star in one of Hyundai’s advertisement campaigns as well. Keep scrolling down to see more photos of this cute dog at work!








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