M&M’s Pecan Pie Flavor Is A Candy Lover’s And Pie Lover’s Dream Mixed In One

Fall is undoubtedly the season of pies where every dinner always ends with a pie. Since trick-or-treat season is upcoming, why don’t we combine the deliciousness of pie and the sweetness of candy? M&M’s Pecan Pie Flavor is exactly what we need this autumn season. You don’t need us to explain what happens when you fuse together the goodness of chocolate candy and pecan pie. It’s nothing but pure delight! Now, we don’t have to choose between a pie and a candy because we can have both of them in one bite.

m&m's pecan pie flavor

For avid fans of M&M’s, the Pecan Pie flavor isn’t actually new.  In fact, it has been the candy brand’s seasonal flavor for fall since 2015. And if you haven’t tried the M&M’s Pecan Pie flavor yet, you might start asking yourself what have you been doing all these years? Get out from your cave and grab one of these from stores near you. Autumn season won’t last forever and so are these yummy treats. And if you’re planning to buy it online then you’ll need to be on the lookout on a regular basis. Although they are available here, they sell out really quick and are currently out of stock. Needless to say, running to the nearest supermarket or candy shop would be your best option.

mms pecan pie flavor

The M&M’s Pecan Pie Flavor uses the same packaging which was initially featured last year. It comes in a 9.90 oz pack featuring the seductive Ms. Green (we’re referring to the green-colored M&M character). Inside the pack is an assortment of chocolate candies in three different colors – dark brown, light brown, and white.


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Since the M&M’s Pecan Pie flavor have been around for some time, what’s the people’s verdict when it comes to its taste? Does it really taste like pecan pie? There are some who claimed that it really tastes like pecan pie while others were disappointed that it tasted nothing like pecan pie. Well, we can only find out for ourselves. This fall-themed flavor is indeed worth the try. If you’ve already tried it, don’t forget to share your thoughts about this sweet treat on the comment section below.
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