Handy Glow In The Dark Tent Rope Charges Itself During The Daytime And Prevents Tripping At Nighttime

The use of ropes and pegs is necessary to secure the camping tent in place. However, ropes and pegs can be dangerous at night as anyone can trip over them. Admit it. You too have experienced the pain and humiliation of catching your foot on the ropes at night. If you didn’t smash into the tent or toppled near the bonfire after tripping over, then good for you. It could have been a total camping disaster if that happened. You can prevent this mishap from happening by using this glow in the dark tent rope.

glow in the dark tent rope amazon

As the name implies, this glow in the dark tent rope… well… glows in the dark. This paracord absorbs light when it is exposed to direct sunlight. The absorbed light in the rope becomes highly visible in the dark, making it appear to glow in the dark. Furthermore, reflective strips are woven into the outer surface of the rope. It uses the available light in the surroundings and reflects it to increase visibility at night. As it glows in the dark, it gives you better visibility and reduces the risk of tripping over it.

glow in the dark tent rope




This glow in the dark tent rope is made with durable polypropylene, diamond-braided for extra strength. It is ideal for any type of activity where rope visibility is necessary. You can also use it for boating, mountain climbing, water sports, gym exercise, and more. This 16-strand 50 foot rope is also resistant to mold and mildew.

Have a perfect camping without the trips and falls with this glow in the dark tent rope. It is available here where you can buy a set of 2 for dirt cheap. Moreover, you can pair these luminous ropes with glow in the dark tent pegs that you can also purchase here. You know what they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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