15 Ideas To Help You Survive The Apocalypse


It’s always good to have a plan for every eventuality. Just a loose one of course, because there’s no point in freaking out about everything or you’ll never have the chance to enjoy life! However, it is helpful to have a few tricks up your sleeve just in case the worst happens, and we mean the worst! These ideas will help you to survive many tough situations, even the apocalypse (probably)

Use salt water to treat itches and bites.


If you’re hungry and near water, you can use dental floss and an earring or safety pin to catch fish. You can also use the floss box to store earthworms to use as bait.


Keep medical supplies together in an ‘Altoid’ tin.


Open any padlock with a soda can! Instructions here.


A bra makes an excellent dust mask!


Make use of the leaves around you for insulation, or even to use as a bandage!


If you don’t have a lighter, use steel wool and a battery instead!


Keep a hold of any wooden sticks you find to use as weapons or for walking.

Check out this method of estimating how much daylight is remaining.


Make a raft with tarp and some branches.


If you’re suffering with painful blisters, use duct tape to cover them.


Use a plastic sheet to capture precious water.


Use an old can to make a camp stove. Instructions here.


‘Doritos’ and ‘Cheetos’ are excellent for starting fires!


If you need light and have run out of candles, a crayon will burn for around 30 minutes.