14 Everyday Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

People are generally fast learners. Yet oftentimes, we’re doing the wrong things because society tells us how they’re “supposedly” done, especially when it comes to everyday things such as opening a banana or eating a cupcake.

Today, we’ll make life simpler for you as we give you 14 everyday life hacks that are guaranteed to make your life a whole lot easier and convenient! Although some of these may not have been the original purpose, there’s no denying they’re pretty awesome.

Use Ginger to Cleanse Your Palette

It’s absolutely wrong to eat the ginger on top of your sushi. You actually have to eat it “after” having your sushi to cleanse your palette between various flavors.

Ginger King

Use That Lid As A Coaster for Your Drink

Takeout drinks always come with lids for holding straws. But did you know it can double as a coaster to keep your drink from spilling?


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Perfect Portion of Pasta

No need to guess how much pasta you have to make. Use the hole found in the middle of your spaghetti spoon as measurement.

My Smoko Break

Buy Two Plungers for Your Home

There are 2 different kinds of plungers – one for your toilet and the other for your sink.

Amancay Maahs

Peel Your Banana Like A Monkey

Turn your banana upside-down and open it at the end instead of starting from the stem. This splits the skin of the banana cleanly for easy peeling.

The Kitchn

Create A Cupcake Sandwich

This helps you get the perfect amount of icing in every bite.

Redbook Mag

Trust us, you’ll also look like this when you’re about to eat it that way for the first time.



Flip That Peanut Butter Over

You’ll most likely find oil at the top of your fave peanut butter so why not store it upside down. In that way, the oil will float to the bottom making it easier to stir. Easy peasy.

Oh My Veggies

Utilizing Your Ceiling Fan’s Switch

You may be unaware but changing your ceiling fan’s direction in summer and winter gives your home proper circulation. Plus, it helps save money and energy. Talk about being efficient!


How to Eat Chicken Wings Properly

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We’re pretty sure you’ll look at chicken wings in a whole new light!


Eat Chips Using Chopsticks

This idea may seem crazy but if you want to keep those fingers free from grease and cheese, chopsticks are your best friend.

The Kitchn

Flat Iron for Curling Hair

Now though this hack isn’t entirely unknown, but for those living in the dark, this discovery might come as a surprise. Yes, you can actually use a flat iron as a curler.

Mysteriously Gorgeous

Gift Wrap Like A Pro

Gift wrapping seems like a chore for many, when in fact, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Check out this video and you’ll be able to save tons of wrapping paper and tape.


Show some love and leave a comment to let us know your favorite one. Or, why not share your own hack too.