How to Survive Being a Parent with these Helpful Parenting Tricks

It can be hard for parents to take care of their children that’s why people thought of creative Helpful Parenting Tricks that will make any parent, or babysitter’s life easier!

Survive how to be a perfect parent with these Helpful Parenting Tricks.

Trendy Sponge Accessories

Do you want your child to have the coolest accessories for the summer? Make them colorful and hip accessories out of sponges!


City on the Road

Expand your child’s imagination by drawing a town on a sidewalk. It can help them boost their creativity.


Easy-to-eat Watermelon Slices

Avoid all the mess when eating watermelon by slicing it this way. This will make it easier for kids to grab and bite on.


Protection from Plug Sockets

Kids love sticking their fingers or hands on anything and anywhere. Placing band-aids on sockets can prevent kids from getting hurt.


Liquid Chalk, paint alternative

Another one of those helpful parenting tricks is to mix colored chalks with water. Let your children have fun with the bright colors and let them paint their heart out.


Ice Cream Saucer

. Say goodbye to sticky hands and ice cream stains on the floor or carpet. Just cut a whole at the center of a paper plate and let the ice cream cone or popsicle stick right through it.


Keep Snacks Cool

During trips, you can pack the kids’ snacks and keep them fresh and cool by placing them in an ice box or any little storage box.


Water as a safe substitute for Real Paint

 If you want your kids to learn basic chores, start off with letting them paint the garden fence.


Creative Use for an Ice Cube Tray

Fill up ice cube trays with paint for your kids can easily mix in their favorite colors.


Stickers on the Window Planes

Kids can get really bored while riding on planes especially on long trips. To avoid that, you can place reusable stickers on the windows on the plane. This way, kids can enjoy the view instead of just watching the clouds that might bore them.


Other Use for Bag Handles

Next helpful parenting tricks is this: Cut off and tie bag handles on shopping carts to keep your kids close.


Playing with Boxes

Try to keep old boxes. Kids love to play with them. One can do a lot with boxes, even adults can have a little fun out them too.


Substitute Bath Tub

Can’t find anything that fits your baby? A laundry basket is a perfect substitute.


Protect Your Carpet from Stains

Kids can get messy while eating. Avoid the hassle of cleaning their mess by letting them eat while in a large tub.


A Workout Assistant

Be able to bond with your kids while getting a good workout. Both of you will have a great and fun time together!


Snack Storage

When kids start to know what it is they want regarding food, they’re usually picky and chooses to eat only those sugary & unhealthy types. If they want to eat snacks, try giving them a little challenge by placing it on containers with a lid like this. They’ll get worn out and will be able to only eat less of unhealthy snacks. Perfect helpful parenting tricks.


Creative Stamps out of Potatoes

It’s very simple to make. Just carve out any shape you want on a piece of potato. You now have gotten yourself a homemade stamp to help your child unleash their artistic potential.

A Protective Shower Cap for Babies

helpful parenting tricks

Keep babies comfortable and feel safe when they take baths. Keep water away from reaching their eyes.