You’ll Be Amazed By These Surprising Uses For Common Table Salt

Salt is one of the most widely used cooking ingredients on earth, but, what else can it be used for? In addition to giving your food more flavor, this humble mineral can be utilized in so many other amazing ways. Often used as an inexpensive cleaner, salt can also prevent mold from growing on your shower curtain and can even relieve the burn of an insect bite. No wonder in Roman times, soldiers were paid in the stuff! Take a look below for some practical and inventive uses for common table salt!

When you first buy your shower curtain, wash it in saltwater. This will keep mold at bay.

table salt hacks shower curtain

Sprinkle salt into your shoes and leave it there for a while before vacuuming. This will eliminate any bad odors.

table salt hacks salt shoes

Pouring salt on a pan fire will quickly smother the flames.

table salt hacks salt pan fire

Effectively clean your iron by turning it to high, sprinkling salt on brown paper and running the equipment over it.

table salt hacks salt iron

For frost free windows, simply run over them with a sponge soaked in saltwater.

table salt hacks frost window before after

Create natural air fresheners by hollowing out citrus fruit and placing salt and 20 drops of an essential oil of your choice inside.

table salt hacks fruit salt

Make a safe paint for your children by mixing up a cup of flour with a cup of salt, and a cup of water along with some food coloring!

table salt hacks ketchup paint bottles

A salt and lemon paste is perfect for cleaning your sink.

table salt hacks lemon sink

Sprinkling salt in your frying pan prevents hot oil from splattering everywhere.

table salt hacks oil pan

Clean copper items with salt mixed with a little lemon juice or vinegar.

table salt hacks copper kettle lemons

After cooking with onions or garlic, wet your hands and rub them with salt to get rid of the smell.

table salt hacks chopping onions

Before lighting your candles, soak them in a saline solution for several hours and leave them to dry. This will stop them from dripping wax.

table salt hacks candle before after

Relieve mosquito bites by moistening your finger with water, dipping it in salt and then rubbing it over the irritated area.

table salt hacks arm hand

Stop sliced fruit from turning brown by placing it into a bowl of saltwater.

table salt hacks apple slices water