This Amazing Hotel Is Made Entirely From Salt


We've already featured a beautiful hotel made from ice, but what about this one that is made completely from salt? Hotel Palacio de Sal in Bolivia is located along the Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt flats, and was built using salt blocks and bricks. Well, you can't expect them to have made the place out of grains of salt! Not only is the whole structure made from salt, all the tables, chairs and beds in the place have been crafted out of salt. The 4,500 square meter Palacio has 30 rooms, which are actually more like individual salt igloos or cabins. There's also a dining room where you can enjoy specialties such as salt chicken, and other such salty delights. Probably not a great place to dine if you suffer from high blood pressure. This hotel is certainly unique! A little strange, yes… but awesome none the less!

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Would you stay in this salt hotel? We can't say that it's on the top of our list of places we'd like to visit, but if we were in the area, we'd certainly spend a night or two!

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