Hilarious Guide On How To Identify Famous Painters By Their Artwork

Admiring and knowing about art are two vastly different things. Anyone can look at a painting and give a comment based from they can observe at face value. Most people find that it is sometimes confusing and difficult to identify famous painters by their art. It takes a high level of mastery to know the finer details and subtleties that can be found in art history. Fortunately, someone took the time to compile a comprehensive yet very simple guide on how to identify famous painters by their art.

DontTacoBoutIt posted these art tips on how to identify famous painters by their art on Reddit a few years ago. However, despite receiving 8,800 upvotes and over 1.7 million views on Imgur, the Reddit account has since been deactivated. In the now deleted post, DontTacoBoutIt explains that it is possible to identify a famous painter by their work at a single glance. The explanations presented by the Redditor are funny, concise, and accurate. Read on to get some useful information about famous painters.

You can identify famous painters by their art by taking note of an element that constantly appears in their work.

For example, the Redditor points out that Peter Rubens paints everyone butt naked. Another cool observation from this user is that if everyone in a painting bears a striking resemblance to Russia’s leader, then it’s probably Jan van Eyck’s work. Read on below to get some handy art information you can use the next time you go to an art museum with your muse, friends, or family.

Van Eyck’s painted faces that eerily resemble Vladimir Putin.

How to identify famous painters - Van Eyck

Dali accurately captures what the world looks like when you’re on an acid trip with his surreal style.

How to identify painters by their art - Dali

Rembrandt paints people standing beneath a beam of light in a dark room.

how to identify famous painters - rembrandt

If the painting has tons of tiny, naked people frolicking in a trippy wonderland, then it’s Bosch.

how to identify painters - bosch

Picasso’s paintings have a childish aesthetic thanks to his bold use of colors and lines.

how to identify famous painters - picasso

Wavy-haired people with Lord of the Rings-like backgrounds was Leonardo Da Vinci’s signature style.

how to identify famous painters

Degas loved to paint ballerinas.

how to identify famous painters - degas

If you spot unhappy party people in dappled light, it’s Manet.

how to identify famous painters - manet

Monet is known for his light, abstract gardens.

Monet’s paintings are famous for bringing peace to those who see it. What’s more, you can actually visit Monet’s pond in Japan and it looks just like one of his paintings!

Renoir is celebrated for his paintings of happy people in dappled light.

how to identify famous painters - renoir

Michelangelo excelled at painting loads of heavenly, beautiful naked people.

how to identify famous painters - michelangelo

If you see colorful cubes and seamless lines, it’s Mondrian.

how to identify famous painters - mondrian

If you see beautiful people with tortured expressions on their faces against a dark backdrop, it’s Titian.

how to identify famous painters - titian

You can identify this famous painter by his art if you spot tiny clothed people committing violence, it’s Bruegel.

how to recognize famous painters - bruegel

Caravaggio painted androgynous portraits and fruits.

how to identify famous painters - caravaggio

Rubens had a talent for painting realistic plump naked bodies with sizable posteriors.

how to identify famous painters - rubens

Frida Kahlo celebrated uni-brows, monkeys, and faint mustaches in all of her paintings.

how to recognize famous painters- kahlo

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If the subject of the portrait is ultra pale, has sharp features, and a gaunt face, it’s probably done by El Greco.

how to identify famous painters - el greco

Boucher loves adding cherubs and sheep to his paintings.

how to identify famous painters - boucher

And there you have DontTacoBoutIt’s simplified guide to identifying famous painters by their art. This is just a simple way to tell the masters apart of course. If really want to learn more about them and their masterpieces, you can always research. Art History is a topic that not everyone can discuss, but of course, it’s always a good thing to learn more about things. How helpful are these tips? Tell us below in the comments!