19 Hilarious Photos of Kids With A Great Sense of Humor and Don’t Realize They’re Funny

Kids are unexpected especially kids with a great sense of humor. Kids can be hilarious without even knowing it. Their humor comes from their pure, innocent, and honest hearts and applying it to the rest of the world. Even though parents can get really stressed-out with taking care of kids, the perks of being a parent is that they get free comedy! Their kids can easily take the stress away, making parenting fun and exciting. Here are hilarious incidents how kids can make their parents laugh without even trying.

Even kids know how to surprise their dad for being the best one in the world.

The kind of love every mother deserves from their kids.



Hope that granny didn’t get scared about the invitation.

Every kid expresses excitement in their own way.

An eye-opening greeting card from an 11-year-old kid.

When you don’t know whether or not you should be angry at such cute vandalism.

How kids apply math in real life.

It’s sometimes scary whatever comes out of a kid’s mouth.

Kids with a great sense of humor can even see through serious things in life.

Such a beautiful painting from a kindergarten student…but wait, does that look like the other bird had gotten stabbed in the back?

This kid is like some other adults on so many levels.

I wonder how boring it is at home for this kid.

Even kids know how to choose style. It’s called self-expression.

This little kid still managed to laugh and enjoy even though he’s locked in the car. That’s the spirit!

Kids know and learn things from whatever it is that they usually come in contact with.

This boy’s big brother just decided to change his face, and he agreed! Some kids with a great sense of humor are just okay with things like this.

Love can mean so much to a kid and not just chicken nuggets.

This is what happens when your dreams jut starts unexpectedly.

She didn’t want her milk to go to waste, so she had some help.