This Harry Potter Memo Pad Gradually Reveals The Hogwarts Castle As You Remove Each Note

Every Potterhead dreams of being able to get all the Harry Potter-themed merchandise out there. By now, you’ve probably already got yourself a Cards Against Muggles set or the “Dirty Potter” scented candle collection. But if you’re looking for something that’s more office-appropriate, then this Hogwarts Castle memo pad is for you.

At a glance, it may look just like a typical thick pad of colored paper with a penholder. But as you write more notes and tear off more pages, that’s when the magic starts to unfold. The majestic castle slowly reveals itself along the spine of the pad as you use and rip off each sheet. So, you actually have to use up the pad to see the iconic wizarding school replica in its full glory. Hopefully, this doesn’t tempt you to rip off all sheets in just one go.

hogwarts castle memo pad set

Apparently, this Harry Potter-themed memo pad is the latest addition to Triad’s stunning selection of Omoshiroi Block memo pads. Triad is a Japanese company that specializes in making architecture models and providing design solutions. And among their more recent ventures is the production of their world-renowned Omoshiroi Block memo pads.

omoshiroi block note pad


This memo pad slowly reveals a miniature replica of the iconic Hogwarts Castle as you tear off its sheets

Depending on the context, Omoshiroi can mean “amusing,” “entertaining” and “fun”. True enough, uncovering an artwork after finishing an entire pad is simply amazing. Not to mention, the craftsmanship in each block is just exceptional.

omoshiroi block harry potter note pad


omoshiroi block hogwarts castle memo pad with pen holder

In the case of this Harry Potter-themed notepad, each sheet is strategically laser cut along the edges of the castle. So, as you tear off each sheet, the turrets and towers start to slowly reveal themselves. And the next thing you know, you now have a miniature replica of the Hogwarts Castle right on your desk. Pretty nifty, right?

omoshiroi block hogwarts castle memo pad


hogwarts castle memo pad

And as if that weren’t still impressive enough, each sheet also features various pop-up elements that HP fans would recognize in an instant. These include Harry’s lightning bolt scar and eyeglasses, his broomstick and the iconic Sorting Hat. Each sheet also has a perforation in the center, so you can fold it and make it stand.

omoshiroi block harry potter note pad pop up design


omoshiroi block hogwarts castle memo pad

Each block measures 85mm (W) x 82mm (D) x 43mm (H) and contains 150 sheets. You also get an acrylic case with every purchase, so you could neatly store and display your completed Hogwarts Castle memo pad. Afterward, you can use it as a penholder, a paperweight or just a unique decoration for your desk.

hogwarts castle paper replica in acrylic case


hogwarts castle memo pad with pen holder

These special-edition memo pads are currently available for purchase via Fox Store. In addition to Hogwarts Castle, Triad also offers other Omoshiroi Block inspired by other traditional architectural structures and sceneries. Feel free to check out their website to learn more about their product offerings.

omoshiroi block note pad osaka castle


omoshiroi note pad kyoto model in four colorways

Hogwarts memo pad from Amazon | Etsy

Witness how the memo pad transforms into the majestic wizarding school in this time-lapse video below

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