Illustrator Imagines a World Where Humans Live Among Giant Animals

At some point, have you ever wished to have a giant, fluffy kitty? A giant furry pet that you can snuggle with during chilly nights, that is something we could only dream of. The idea of having enormous yet adorable pets can only exist in fantasy. But a Japanese artist is giving us a taste of how life would be if it becomes a reality. Monokubo, a creative illustrator from Japan, brings our fantasy to life through her amazing digital paintings. Her illustrations depict a life where gentle giant animals share a harmonious relationship with humans. What would happen if our gentle pets suddenly grow bigger than us? Monokubo will show us how our life would be through her paintings.

monokubo illustrations gentle giant animals

Friendly giant animals are mostly featured in Studio Ghibli films. Who could forget the amicable giant forest creature in My Neighbor Totoro? And the fierce-looking giant wolf in Princess Mononoke? These adorable characters inspired Monokubo to imagine a life where gentle giant animals exist. The artist’s love for cats is evident through her works because most of her paintings depict gigantic kitties. As a cat owner, she finds fascination in making illustrations of her favorite animal. But she also draws other cuddly animals as well. Some of her works also feature dogs, wolves, bunnies, raccoons, birds, and even penguins. Monokubo depicts all these giant gentle animals as affectionate creatures, willing to serve as a warm cushion to their humans.

Monokubo’s fantasy art shows a world where humans and gentle giant animals are living harmoniously

monokubo art giant cat


studio ghibli inspired monokubo art


giant cat monokubo digital painting


gentle giant wolf monokubo


gentle giant fox illustration monokubo


monokubo digital painting giant bird


monokubo giant raccoon


monokubo fantasy drawing giant cat


gentle giant animals monokubo illustrations


monokubo giant rabbit


giant smiling dog monokubo art


giant fluffy companions monokubo art


giant bunny monokubo


giant penguin monokubo


giant dog in water monokubo


giant fierce cat monokubo


giant chick monokubo


giant cat and girl monokubo art

The brilliant artist releases a book compiling some of her best works. Her book Megalophilia showcases her stunning masterpieces so grab your copy on Amazon right now.

Source: Tumblr | Monokubo