You Can Get Hocus Pocus-Inspired Canned Wines For Those Halloween Sips

It’s been 27 years since Hocus Pocus hit the big screen. But it seems like everyone is still bewitched by the magical charms of the Sanderson sisters. This Hallows’ Eve, let’s rewatch the iconic fantasy-comedy film and form a drinking circle with the Hocus Pocus Canned Wines.

Besa mi Vino, a brand of organic canned wines, and Eliqs, a company offering custom-designed craft beverages, are working together to concoct spooky spirits perfect for Halloween. The collaboration brought about the Hocus Pocus wine in two varieties: rose and white wine. Of course, these boozy creations flaunt custom designs to commemorate the Disney classic.



hocus pocus canned wines rose

The Hocus Pocus x Besa x Eliqs Rosé features blood-red cans in three different designs. Each one features one of the Sanderson sisters along with their own famous catchphrase with a pun-y twist. Winifred with her line ‘I put a spell on you and now you’re wine’, Mary with her immortal quote ‘I suggest we form a drinking circle’ and Sarah with her line ‘My lucky rose! Just where I left it.’ The package design isn’t the only thing that’s amazing. This lightly bubble rose wine features a blend of cherry, lychee and dried roses flavors.

The white Wine, on the other hand, comes in midnight-blue cans featuring the silhouettes of the three Sanderson sisters against a full moon. Around the image is the phrase ‘I put a spell on you and now you’re wine’. This white wine features a blend of dry and sweet with a crisp, light profile.


Whitehocus pocus canned wines white wine

Both varieties of the canned wines have 12.5% ABV per 187-ml can. Each variety comes in a pack of 6 cans which is equivalent to 2 full bottles of wine. You can also opt for a 12-pack to get 6 cans of the rose variety and 6 cans of the white wine variety. These limited-edition creations are part of an innovation in partnership with the New York Restoration Project (NYRP), a non-profit organization founded in 1995 by Bette Midler. Yes, that’s the same actress who played Winifred Sanderson in the Hocus Pocus movie.

The NYRP aims to restore and transform open space communities throughout NYC’s five boroughs. Every Halloween, the organization conducts a fundraising gala by offering a curated selection of items and delicious treats all inspired by Hocus Pocus. All proceeds will benefit the organization to help carry out its mission. Right after the much-awaited Hocus Pocus wines were listed on Vinoshipper, they sold out almost instantly. As of now, you won’t find them listed on the online retail shop as they’re already sold out.

But the good news is, Eliqs announced on Instagram that they will be restocking soon. So, check back anytime to see when they’re finally back. If you can’t wait that long, you can still opt for the Witch’s Brew which is also available in rose and white wine varieties. You’ll still get the same boozy spirit. But if you prefer to sip your wine with the Sanderson sisters on the can then you’ll need to wait some time before the Hocus Pocus wines are back in stock.



witches brew canned rose wine


Witch’s Brew White Wine

witches brew canned white wine

Source: Vinoshipper