Dairy Queen’s Limited Edition Bubblegum Dipped Cone Is Inspired By The SpongeBob Movie

Dairy Queen’s locations in Mexico are reportedly serving a Bubblegum Dipped Cone. Of course, serving ice cream cones dipped in colorful, candy-flavored dips isn’t new for the soft serve royalty. In fact, the combination’s more like their signature move. This bubbly blue ice cream treat looks slightly similar to Dairy Queen’s Cotton Candy Dipped Cone, but of course, this one’s a different flavor. But the sad thing about this delightful treat is that it’s exclusively offered in Mexico at the moment. So you’d probably have to plan a quick trip to the south if you think this bubblegum flavor is worth risking it all for.

According to sources, the Bubblegum Cone is inspired by the upcoming Spongebob to the Rescue movie. This exclusive movie tie-in was officially introduced by DQ Mexico on July 5th. The announcement was quite short. But, we don’t really need any more than the Dipped Cone’s flavor to give us an idea what to expect from this offering.




Dairy Queen Mexico is serving Bubblegum Dipped Cones

Instagram user @alezu.mx has had the good fortune of getting to try the fabled bubblegum flavor. According to @alezu.mx, the bubblegum blue cone was great. And since we can’t try the cone for ourselves right now, we’ll take her word for it. But if you’re in Mexico and there happens to be a Dairy Queen near you, what are you waiting for? Àndale!





Since the Bubblegum Cone is an tie-in with the SpongeBob to the Rescue movie, it will only be available for some time. So get it while you still can! We’re hoping to see this bubblegum-flavored cone in US locations in the future. But for the meantime, we’ll just have to settle for Cotton Candy. So, until the day Dairy Queen decides to serve this in the US, we’ll be making do with their available options. But it’s not like we’re complaining about having too many dip options for our cone!