Hilariously Frustrating Photos That You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

Can something possibly get annoying and funny at the same time? You better get ready because you are about to see these things. We have gathered some hilariously frustrating photos that don’t make sense at all. Let me tell you beforehand that these things actually happened, believe it or not. But these funny examples of craziness will make you hit the roof and laugh out loud at the same time. Now don’t confuse yourself just yet, you’ve got to see them to believe.



How sad can it be to belong to the unlucky bunch…

Instagram | will_ent

Yeah, because wearing a granny dress and a hat doesn’t change the fact that he still looks like a dog.

Twitter | Princessofwifi

I wanna buy this cute lollipop because that kissing winkey on it is so irresistible. Oh wait… what a bummer!


Do the simple Math and you’ll find out the number of months he has been cheating on you.


If a camera caught you red-handed, there’s no escaping it. This guy just gave photobomb a bad name.


Take your business elsewhere, dude!

Instagram | will_ent

I knew it! I know there’s a reason behind the different colors of M&Ms!

Twitter | HiChrisRyan

We know how you feel about that M&Ms turmoil and it makes you wanna scream in frustration, right?


Can you feel the frustration already? But can you finish these hilariously frustrating photos without blowing your fuse?



Social media is life! If you get millions of followers and quadrillions of retweets, there’s nothing you could have ask for in this life.

Twitter | kbnoswag

Everybody’s getting too hyped with these superheroes’ crossovers but people seem to forget that one priceless scene where Simon Cowell made a cameo. I mean, sure superheroes can work together. But Simon Cowell?! How amazing was that?!

Twitter | Azniac

They’re probably concerned about your health.

Twitter | coreybao

This picture of a cute puppy sitting securely in a seat belt is not frustrating, it’s actually adorable. What makes it frustrating is that this puppy is observing car safety more than any logical human beings ever did.

Twitter | lyss121

When I say I’m cuddling with someone else, it actually means I’m cuddling with something else. Something thick and fluffy like a blanket.

Twitter | TheAlexanderJJ

How did millennials get so filthy rich to afford diamonds?

Instagram | will_ent

No thanks, I’m fine with stress.

Twitter | johnnynami

A proof that I can make wounds and stitch them up again so be warned.

Twitter | toxic_cute