You Won’t Believe What This Artist Uses To Recreate Famous Paintings


Japanese artist Nasa Funahara has an unusual hobby, collecting masking tape. You might think of masking tape as the white or beige stuff used to cover baseboards, light switches, and so on when you're painting, but in Japan it has become somewhat of a phenomenon. It's available in all kinds of colors and patterns, and is often used for decorative purposes or in crafts. Funahara has a collection of over 450 rolls of the stuff and has decided to put it to good use. She uses it to make huge recreations of iconic paintings. If you look at these recreations from afar, they simply look as though they were painted in an impressionistic style, but really they're created using layers and layers of different colored and patterned masking tape. This painstaking process takes some time, and Funahara needs about a week to complete each recreation.

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We think these pieces are awesome. It's a much more creative way to recreate a famous painting than to simply copy it as it is!

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