14 Adorable Images Showing Pets Growing Up Alongside Their Favorite Toys

Many people say owning a pet is just like being a parent. And, similar to parents who like to document their children’s growth, pet owners tend to do the same for their animal babies. Also similar to children, many animals often have a favorite toy, and here we have some adorable images showing various pets growing up along side them. It’s lovely to see each animal go from being a little cutie to a big one, whilst still having love for their toys no matter how tatty they have become. Take a look and pick a favorite, if you can! 

This dog has has such a gorgeous colored coat!

It’s crazy how small kittens are!

Aww, you can tell that bear has been loved!

A favorite toy doesn’t have to be in stuffed animal form as this cat shows!

The comparison photos that have the exact same poses are the best!

We absolutely adore this breed of dog. 

That lion has seen better days but we’re glad to see it’s still alive!

Everyone needs a good frog friend.

Oh how the roles reversed here!

This is too cute for words.

That alligator toy can handle a good chewing!

We love how this cat not only loves the same toy, but also the same bed despite it being a bit snug!

What an adorable pattern this dog has on its fur!

You can tell this kitty is protective of its toy!