50 Dogs Whose Lives Got Ruined After They Got A Younger Sibling

If you think having a younger sibling is all rainbows and sunshine then you only need to have one to make you think otherwise. The truth is, rivalry exists in every family, not just in humans but in dogs as well. Being the only child, one gets to receive all the love and attention from their parents. And our canine companions, in particular, love to get every bit of love and attention from their owners.

Some pet owners think that bringing a new pup home to keep their pet company would make them happy. But these photos tell the opposite. Apparently, some aren’t actually amused by having a younger brother or sister. Since these doggos are used to being alone, they might find it confusing (and annoying) to have a highly-energetic puppy prancing around them. Not to mention, jealousy kicks in when they realize that they will have to share their human’s affection and attention.


These Photos Show How Dogs Feel About Having A Younger Sibling

Unlike humans, animals don’t lie. What they manifest through behaviors and facial expressions are the real representation of their emotions. Canines smile when they’re happy and they frown when they’re sad. They even have their brows furrowed when they’re agitated and stressed. It’s actually easy for pet owners to understand what their doggos feel and think through these signs. And you only need to look at these facial expressions to know what they’re thinking about having a younger brother or sister.


“My Boyfriend’s Dog’s Reaction To The New Puppy”


“He’s A Little A***e” – Walter On Max


“Please Take That Thing Back”

People have been sharing photos of their dog’s reaction after they got a new puppy. And for sure, these reactions are not the ones they’re expecting to see from their pets. Well, it would take time before these pooches can accept the new member of the family into their lives. Besides, domestic canines are wired to adapt to their new environment and lifestyle. They may not be happy with having a younger dog around at first. But they’ll eventually get along, just give them time.


Here is rivalry at it’s best


“When You Lose The Receipt To Return Your Little Sister”

“My Sister Sent Me A Photo Of Her Dog And New Puppy. Man, That Face”


“Watson Thought If He Just Didn’t Look At The Problem It Would Go Away”


“Who Else Ruined Their Older Dog’s Life By Getting Them A Younger Sibling?”


“It Was At This Moment Hank Regretted Asking For A Little Brother”


“Abby Is Being So Patient With The New Puppy”


“There Are Two Dogs In This Picture”


It might go away if I stay still..


“My Dog Not As Amused With The New Puppy As We Are”


“I Heard My Older Lab Crying And Came Out To Find His Little Brother Blocking The Stairs”


“It’s Happening Again, Isn’t It?” – Walter


“Our New Dog Pepper! Sarge Is A Little Confused Though”


“Little Brother Is So Annoying”


“Old Boy Is Heckin Annoyed At New Girl”


“How Your Dog Feels When You Bring Home A ‘Cute’ New Puppy”


“Dude Just Got A Sister. It’s A Bit Of An Adjustment. Meet Boo (On The Left)”


This Photo Captures The Annoyance Perfectly!


“Her Face Says It All”


Apollo: “Dis Is Not Da Toy I Wanted.” Aurora: “I Is Not A Toy!”


“My Six Year Old Pyr Milo And His New Baby Brother Rumi”


Annoying Little Brother


“That Moment When You Regret What You Started With Big Brother”


“When You Get Caught Bullying Your Younger Sibling”


“Goblin Is Annoyed” – Walter


Annoying Little Sister


“The Face You Make When Your Mom Makes You Bring Your Little Brother With You”


“When Your Little Brother Is Being Annoying, But Your Mom Is Standing Right There”


“Yes, Rosco Has Ruined Riley’s Remaining Years”


Little Help?


“Does Anyone Else Have An Ear Chewing Problem In Their Home?”


“This Was The Day We Got Our Dachshund. Jack, The Boston, Is Not Sure What To Think”


“Not Sure How My Dog Feels About Her New Foster Sister”


“Just Relaxin On His Brother”


“Charlie Loves His Big Brother Cliff”


“This Thing Is Eight Weeks Old… How Did She Beat Me?!”


The Look Says It All


“2 Of My 4 Danes, Honey The Giant And Cookie The Crushed”


“Younger Sibling Car Trip Mischief. She’s A Cute Jerk”


“My Older And Smaller Dog With His Younger And Bigger Sibling”


“Little Luna, Annoying The Crap Out Of Her Big Sister”


“He Loves His Little Brother, I Swear”


“Kinsley Loves Her New Seat In The Truck. Her Big Sister Isn’t At All Happy About It”


Who Else Ruined Their Older Dog’s Life By Getting Them A Younger Friend? “I Did!”


“Eva Isn’t The Biggest Fan Of Her Sister Touching Her. Sheba Just Wants To Make Sure She’s Okay”